Guest Postcard from Heidelberg

Guest Postcard from Heidelberg

While I haven’t made it to Heidelberg, Germany yet, these lovely photos by Somer of Postcard from Somer certainly make a compelling case for it:

En route from Amsterdam to Switzerland during a backpacking trip around Europe, I stopped in the charming city of Heidelberg, Germany; a would-be overlooked destination to me had it not been for my mom, who stayed here on a similar backpacking trip some 30 years earlier, I might never have visited. Luckily I did because not only is the surrounding countryside of rolling hills and fields picturesque, the old city is quaint and the famous Heidelberg Castle offers spectacular views of the valley and river. After a steep climb up the hillside you are at the ruins of Heidelberg Schloss, where you can spend a whole day in the labyrinth of what remains of the castle.


The charming buildings of the old city sit below the looming castle above.

A great view of the valley and River Neckar upon which the city is settled.

Staying further outside the city walls allows for a scenic walk among the surrounding countryside.

Heidelberg Castle is the main attraction for tourists and oh this sunny beautiful day it is no wonder why.

The castle ruins are like a maze, each turn of a corner is another wonderful discovery.

Starting with two international trips in college, traveling has now become a must in Somer’s life. Her newest endeavor is to combine her love of exploring the world and art as a professional photographer. Check out her photos at Postcards From Somer.

  • Heidelberg is beautiful! I spent a day in town when I was at Uni in Germany, as it wasn’t too far away by car. I hope to go back some time soon!

  • Anonymous

    It certainly looks gorgeous!

  • How pretty! And it’s not far from where I live in France, hopefully I can visit!

  • I actually once received a postcard from Heidelberg, Germany through postcrossing. It’s my favorite postcard I have, and now one of my top places to visit.

  • Paul

    Wow… THis is more beautiful than I ever pictured Heidelberg. I need to get there!

  • Anonymous

    You definitely should! I’m wishing I had!

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this is the first time I’ve heard about postcrossing! SO COOL! I’m definitely going to have to look into it more–I’m a diehard postcard fan, to both send and receive πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Tonya

    I live in Germany and haven’t been here either…perhaps I need to make a visit! πŸ™‚

  • Anonymous

    I think you should–and let me know what you think!