December 2010

Postcard from Maui

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My mom loves France, my dad’s favorite destination (before my mom introduced him to France) is Hawaii. This means that I have lucked out in the family vacation department for the last few years. I returned home to spend Thanksgiving on Maui and was in awe by the gorgeous weather, sandy beaches and friendly locals […]

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Ambition shouldn’t be a dirty word

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A ex-boyfriend’s mother once told him we would never last because I was too ambitious. At the time, I was young(er), in love and honestly offended. Wasn’t ambitious supposed to be a compliment? At the time, I equated ambition with a successful career. I was always a bit of an overachiever and a feminist, and […]

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The down under edition

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While cleaning out my inbox a few days ago, I found an email from January 2010 where my dad innocently inquired what the heck I was doing with my life. This was my response:

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Postcard from the streets of Lyon

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While Lyon isn’t as pretty as, say, the awe-inspiring architecture of Paris or the breathtaking vistas of the French Riviera, it does have a certain gritty charm to it. The street art is often simple, but more thought-provoking than most. A few of my favorites from the capital of the Rhône-Alpes:

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Hell (and heaven) is traveling with other people

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As Sartre once famously declared: hell is other people. Nowhere is that more true than when it comes to the solo traveler. Readjusting to traveling with other people can be quite the task when you’ve gotten accustomed to sharing responsibility, power and planning with no one but yourself. I once wrote about the ups and […]

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