December 2010

Coolest places to stay in Europe

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I’ve stayed in my share of places while traveling: hotels, hostels, apartments, guest bedrooms, a friend’s couch, a stranger’s couch. I’ve had good experiences and I’ve had bad experiences. Most of the time I’m just looking for reasonably clean, sometimes quiet, hopefully comfortable spot to rest my head and store my stuff. There’s times I’m […]

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A year of whim and wanderlust

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I was supposed to spend New Year’s Eve 2010 on the beaches of Honolulu. Then I broke up with my boyfriend a few days before Christmas, endured the nightmare of cancelling an extremely expensive and non-refundable flight, and booked a cheap flight to see my best friend in Orange County. After riding a tandem bicycle […]

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Postcard from Montmartre

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I’ve never been in love with Montmartre–mostly because so many other tourists are. I prefer the charming, still-almost-undiscovered Marais or at least the much more central Saint-Germain-des-Prés. But the last time I was in Paris, I went off the sex shop studded main drag and snuck away from the hordes at Sacré-Cœur. I finally discovered […]

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Behind the photography

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While I’ve never considered myself a photographer, I’ve always loved taking pictures. For the most part, I’ve documented my social life through photos: from a disposable Kodak for middle school field trips to borrowing my dad’s digital camera for high school dances to taking (and breaking) my own point-and-shoots at the bars in college. But […]

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An around-the-world address book

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When I was 4 years old, my mom agreed to host a French teenager for the summer through our local Chamber of Commerce. However, 18-year-old Sebastien wasn’t as keen as the rest of the students to visit California: he had recently fallen in love with a girl from home. Long story short, his insistence on […]

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Postcard from Antibes

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Antibes is one of my favorite neighboring towns to Nice: a glorious sandy beach, a foie gras sandwich shop, a row of amazing yachts to wander. Friends and I loved hopping on the train to spend a sunny afternoon strolling through town and then setting up for a suntanning session. The quiet cove doesn’t have […]

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The storage unit conundrum

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It’s easy to act all hoity-toity on here, shunning the conventional lifestyle in our materialism-driven society. I can proudly point to my well-worn (bordering on shabby) backpack and suitcase, my repeated outfits, my thrown-away store credit cards. And then I remember my storage unit. That lovely 10X5 square feet of concrete and metal siding, stuffed […]

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