November 2010

Postcard from Oxford

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I’m lucky enough to be friends with an Oxford University student, and thus was able to score not only a private tour of the town and university, but also get an inside look into student life at the first university in the English-speaking world. Needless to say, the beauty and history of the campus puts […]

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A Museum Night to remember

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Many young people have a number of European festivals on their bucket list: La Tomatina in Spain, Oktoberfest in Germany, Carnival in Venice. However, there’s an event in Amsterdam–and no, I’m not talking about the huge rave–one that’s little-known to non-Dutch speakers and really shouldn’t be missed.

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When too much choice is a bad thing

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Confession: I have no idea what I’m doing next. Very, very soon (eight days to be exact), I’ll be back home. While I’m beyond excited to have some of my mom’s home cooking and catch up with girlfriends over cocktails, I’m also a bit worried. Worried that I’ll leave too soon and worried that I […]

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Postcard from the Woodland Cemetery

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As I recently admitted on #TNI, I actually really like cemeteries. They’re incredibly peaceful and serene–and in the case of Woodland Cemetery in Stockholm, Sweden–absolutely beautiful. I spent a morning wandering in this UNESCO World Heritage Site, and am absolutely convinced that creators succeeded in achieving a cemetery that blends nature and architecture into a […]

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My favorite restaurants in Nice

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It’s easy to be fooled—and disappointed—by restaurants in Nice. Many cater to tourists, and feature overpriced, generic dishes and unenthusiastic staff. However, there are a few gems tucked away in the less-bustling streets and squares that highlight affordable quality. Many thanks to Rosa Jackson, Nice’s own food guru, for introducing me to many of my […]

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The cultural mixup of being American

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At home, you often get asked “what” you are. For me, the answer was long but easy: one quarter German, one quarter Polish, one quarter Italian and one quarter Irish. I identify most with being German, since I studied the language (briefly), am closest with my German grandmother and I still have relatives (however distant) […]

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