Postcard from Stockholm, Sweden

Postcard from Stockholm, Sweden

The capital of Sweden is absolutely gorgeous–but in a different way from Paris or Rome. Instead of romantic streets, charming courtyards and perfectly-planned gardens, Stockholm boasts wide boulevards, modern buildings and an unbelievable amount of parks–with grass you can actually tread on. While it was a chilly change from the Côte d’Azur, there was an amazing amount of sunshine this week–even more beautiful when reflected off the water.

Autumn in Djurgarden: this island is home to an open-air museum, the king’s former hunting grounds and an incredible amount of trees.

There’s an overwhelming amount of water in Stockholm–the city itself is built on 16 islands.

At night, Stockholm is still bustling with life in the city center.

Lovely houses and boats line the edge of Ostermalm on the way to Djurgarden.

Just a 10-minute walk from central Stockholm, there are pastures and plenty of open spaces on Djurgarden.

  • Anonymous

    Ooo this makes me want to head to Scandanavia! Was it really expensive?

  • I haven’t been to Stockholm but I would love to….these photographs are beautiful and very enticing…xv

  • Anonymous

    Food, drink and public transport was INSANELY expensive. The Swedish kroner is pretty strong against the Euro at the moment. However, clothes at H&M and furniture at Ikea is super cheap! Still, I highly recommend it. It’s amazing, clean and orderly–so un-French!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks! It’s a gorgeous place–I would definitely recommend a trip.

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