Postcard from Oktoberfest

Postcard from Oktoberfest

Let me tell you, Munich knows how to throw a party. As I attempt to recover from a weekend where I did nothing but drink beer, eat sausages and pretzels, and sing Bavarian folk songs, here are a few photos from Oktoberfest, a party that has been going strong for 200 years.

There is no small, medium or large: there’s just a liter of beer.

Best party of my life.

Fairgrounds in the rain.

If you don’t get there early, you risk being locked out of the tents.

Late-night amusement: watching drunken men in lederhosen attempt the Tobaggan.

  • Anonymous

    Looks like a lot of fun – still have to make a trip to Germany (*ashamed*)

  • Love Oktoberfest — I was there last year, but didn’t quite make it there this year unfortunately. I almost decided to fly there from Madrid and meet some friends that went this year, but it wasn’t to be.

    Overall, it was the best festival I’ve ever been to — SO MUCH FUN! I love cheers-ing with steins of beer. We literally tried to break those glasses by slamming them into each other, but never succeeded. There’s always next time for that though

  • Anonymous

    You would love Munich! It’s such an amazing city. I really think that if my parents had sent me to Bavaria instead of Provence when I was 16, I would be having a love affair with Germany instead of France. It’s a green, livable, cultural city. Definitely worth a trip!
    If you’re a Le Monde subscriber, they had a great article about the city: http://www.lemonde.fr/cgi-bin/ACHATS/acheter.cgi?offre=ARCHIVES&type_item=ART_ARCH_30J&objet_id=1134924.

  • Anonymous

    I’ve never understood why people want to break the glasses: why would you want to clean up spilled beer and broken glass?!
    Other than that, I totally agree–Oktoberfest is my favorite festival so far! It’s such a upbeat, positive vibe–everyone just wants to have fun, drink beer and make friends!

  • haha – the challenge of breaking the glasses is the draw. If it was
    easy, no one would try 🙂

  • Looks like fun! Too bad I don’t like beer. 🙁

  • Candicewalsh

    MUST do this someday, must!

  • Anonymous

    You definitely have to love beer to love Oktoberfest–there are no other options!

  • Anonymous

    You would LOVE it! It’s without a doubt the best party I’ve ever been to.

  • That is definitely something I need to do… and the shot of “the girls” with at the top is extra incentive… there really is nothing sexier than a girl holding a beer!

  • Way to dress the part Christine! Did you bring anything for heartburn? 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Oktoberfest is a must–especially if you love beer!

  • Anonymous

    Good German heritage–we’re built for beer, sausage and pretzels!

  • Looks like a great time. Man those are big beers!

  • Anonymous

    One liter each! I drank a half-pint tonight after work, and it felt like nothing!

  • Anonymous

    That looks like some party. I think it would take me all day to drink a beer that big.

  • Anonymous

    Luckily I love beer! It was definitely one of the best parties I’ve been to 🙂

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  • Wow, you must have got there early! Opening weekend we tried to get there by 10am, and couldn’t get a table.

  • camorose

    SO early! But I bet it’s much worse on opening weekend–and we were with Germans, so they knew a few tricks 🙂

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