September 2010

Postcard from La Tomatina

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La Tomatina is basically one giant food fight that occurs for one hour on the last Wednesday of every August in a tiny town outside of Valencia, Spain. Since being established (rather accidently) in 1945, banned in the 1950s and approved (and funded) by the City Councils in 1980, it’s grown to become an International […]

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Work to live or live to work?

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There’s just one bit of American-ness that I can’t seem to shake: being a workaholic. Despite living in a country with a 35-hour work week and a minimum of one month of vacation a year, I can’t bring myself to say no to additional work (and money in the bank). Within a week of arriving […]

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Barcelona off the beaten path

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There are plenty of historical (read: tourist) sites in Barcelona, but the real character of the city shines through when you step off the beaten path. To see the main sites, take a tour with Fat Tire Bike Tours. While Barcelona certainly isn’t the most bike-friendly city, these four-hour tours are a great way to […]

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Postcard from Valencia

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The thing that struck me most about Valencia was its green-ness: tree-lined streets, a river-turned-park that snakes through the city, a lovely expanse of gardens and shady spots. A few of my favorite shots from this gorgeous Spanish city: More Spanish signs to interpret

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Please, Mr. Postman, some customer service

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The post office often gets a bad rap. Long lines, grumpy workers, and ever-more-expensive postage. Despite this, I love snail mail: the little joy of opening up a card or package is one that I enjoy giving and receiving. My grandma sent me cards every week when I was growing up, enclosing comics and a […]

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Why the whole world wants to be French

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Gone are the days of freedom fries: the world is having a love affair with France. Non-Frenchies want to know how to not get fat and how to pull off an outfit with attitude without even trying. French women have it good: why the whole world envies us. That’s the headline on a feature story […]

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