Things not to do in Barcelona

Things not to do in Barcelona

Laying on the beach and drinking sangria aside, I think my favorite activity in Barcelona is deciphering the graphic signs that dot the city. Some state the obvious: don’t break public property. Others bring up the not-so-obvious: how many people are releasing caged birds in the park? The rest make you wonder what the heck was going on in Barcelona: do you really need to remind people not to pee in the street? In Barcelona, I guess so.

In Barcelona, we have indoor plumbing. Use it.

Wild birds only. We don’t want your sissy domestic ones.

Start running!

If you break your foot kicking a bench, don’t come crying to us.

I get the “no fishing” thing. But I’m not sure where exactly you’re supposed to walk, surrounded by ocean and tall fences.

Apparently you are allowed (and maybe even encouraged?) to sweep the beaches, but soap in the showers is forbidden.

Don’t walk in the bike lines. Or risk the consequences.

  • Joel

    Ha – love it. Random signs always make me smile. I’ll have to check those out when I get there this week!

  • The pedestrian walking surrounded by a red border sign actually means that the area is closed to pedestrians. So I’m not sure why they just don’t put a red line through it like on other prohibited things. It’s a bit confusing.

  • Anonymous

    Very confusing! Thank you for clarifying!

  • Anonymous

    Seriously! Your captions will probably be about 459837498 times funnier than mine. Looking forward to your take!

  • I love this! Barcelona is so quirky – but with some of these you really have to wonder what goes on there.

  • Haha! I love finding silly signs like this abroad.

  • Anonymous

    Exactly! I still can’t figure out what sort of situations would provoke signs like this.

  • Anonymous

    They made me laugh every time!

  • Haha, this was hysterical, loved it!!! Barce is such an awesome city!

  • I never noticed any of these in Barcelona! These were very funny!

  • I love the bird one, so silly.

  • Funny! Thanks for the laugh! Foreign sign posts are hilarious sometimes!

  • Anonymous

    You just have to know where to look 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Haha glad you enjoyed them as much as I did!

  • Anonymous

    Glad you enjoyed it!

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, I’m still not exactly sure what that one means…

  • Haha… funny post… thanks for the giggles!

  • Anonymous


  • Too funny – I love them. You should this for Japan – Tokyo surpasses them all with funny, weird, eccentric, crazy and bizarre street signs :)!

  • Anonymous

    Glad you liked it!

  • Anonymous

    Glad you enjoyed it! I was cracking up every time I saw a new sign in Barcelona, trying to interpret what it could mean!

  • Anonymous

    When I make it to Japan, I’ll be sure to do a “things not to do in Tokyo” post 🙂

  • hilarious! I love signs in foreign countries. I once found one in serbia that said (as far as i can tell from the pictures) No Ninjas.

  • Anonymous

    Hahaha! I loved trying to interpret all of these!

  • Laura.

    hello 🙂 I’m from Barcelona and I’ve read your blog (which is amazing, by the way). Actually, the prohibition concerning the birds is probably due because there is this traditions in some parts of Barcelona (and the rest of the country) where they have “singing birds” competitions. That means the owners of the birds make them sing and the one that sign the best some tricky thing, wins.

    As you can imagine, those birds are really noisy, so that is probably why you cannot bring your birds in a cage in la Ciutadella park (besides, there’s too much birds anyway, no need to bring in more). I know it mind sound weird, it sounds wird for me too, even if I’m a local 😉


  • These were all good, though the little “A Barcelona tot hi cap però no tot s’hi val” with a little dog pooping in it is notably absent.

  • Anonymous

    Bummed I didn’t capture them all–I’m sure there are plenty more!

  • kahlia

    My favorite is the little dog pooping and the person crouching down behind him to pick up after him (I’ve seen it at Park Güell, but I’m sure it’s in other places, too).

  • Anonymous

    Pretty sure I did see that one–but must have missed snapping a photo!

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