August 2010

Next time your bus is late, don’t blame the bus driver

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As the usual symphony of car horns started going off outside my window yesterday, I thought nothing of it. Saturdays are big wedding days at the mairie around the corner, and apparently, wedding parties honk their horns as they travel through town to the reception. But this time the horns were louder, they seemed angrier, […]

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No way around it: it’s veggies for dinner

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Even though my love affair with vegetables only began a few years ago, I’ve always been a fan of carb-heavy vegetarian dishes. Growing up, I don’t think I even looked at a menu in an Italian restaurant: it was always capellini pomodoro, or angel hair pasta with olive oil and fresh tomatoes. Grilled cheese, omelettes […]

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Risks of going back: things change

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The one thing at the top of my list for must-dos in Paris? Fromagerie 31. I had discovered this little cheese bar on Rue de Seine while studying in Paris during the summer of 2007. I fondly remembered being presented with a plate of five different cheeses, and learning how to go from mildest to […]

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Modern art, right next door

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Even though I think I’ve been fairly good about playing tourist while living the expat life, I’m embarrassed to say that it took me three months to check out the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Nice—and it is literally right next door to my apartment. Honestly, I didn’t really expect much. Unlike the […]

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From sunrise to sunset

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It’s no secret that Nice is beautiful, but I thought the view of the coastline from the sea is quite striking–particularly as the sun rises and sets. Another bonus for taking the ferry, as long as you time it right!

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