August 2010

Learning to cook like a Parisian

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Food inevitably becomes a major focus of any trip I take. Meals are an excellent way to soak up a culture, its customs and its spice for life. I’ve found that food is an excellent reflection of a culture and what they value. While I usually stick to trying new restaurants and exploring markets as […]

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Postcard from Barcelona

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While I don’t think Barcelona was the prettiest or most photogenic city–the lack of a consistent architectural style makes it a bit discombobulated–it had its moments. Here are a few of my favorite shots from this Spanish city by the sea. Catalunya and Spain: a constant struggle in Barcelona

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A city’s nightlife doesn’t tempt an early bird

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Early to bed, early to rise. It’s not exactly the rallying cry of twenty-somethings all over the world, but I’ve always believed in the rejuvenating power of eight hours of sleep and the positive energy that comes with waking up early. That’s why a city’s nightlife has never been that important to me. I quickly […]

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The European soccer experience

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Despite playing soccer competitively for years and becoming full-out obsessed with game times whenever the World Cup rolls around, I’d never attended a professional soccer game. My professional sports world is dominated by summer afternoons at San Francisco Giants games, late winter nights at Sacramento Kings games and the occasional tailgate at a San Francisco […]

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Things not to do in Barcelona

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Laying on the beach and drinking sangria aside, I think my favorite activity in Barcelona is deciphering the graphic signs that dot the city. Some state the obvious: don’t break public property. Others bring up the not-so-obvious: how many people are releasing caged birds in the park? The rest make you wonder what the heck […]

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Menton: city of lemons, sandy beaches and stairs

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My parents raved about Menton after their last trip to Nice: they loved it so much that they decided it would be their home base in the South of France from now on. My parents are huge fans of Nice–they were definitely big supporters in my decision to go there instead of Paris–so I knew […]

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A French woman’s view of NYC

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I doubt there’s an account of an American woman braving a year in Paris or Provence that I haven’t read. Before I embarked on a similar journey, I lived vicariously through these memoirs of falling in love with the French lifestyle (and perhaps a French man) despite the language and cultural barriers. So it was […]

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