You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone

You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone


Well, I’ve run into my first hiccup in France. My dearest MacBook Pro broke last Wednesday morning–the screen won’t turn on. No luck with any of the troubleshooting tips, so I had to to take it into a “certified Apple reseller” shop. Believe me, this was NOT an Apple store, but someplace where you had to pay 40 Euros just to have someone look at it. I was supposed to receive a call on Friday with the diagnosis. Of course, no call, and when I telephoned, I was informed that technicians don’t work Friday afternoons. Then everything closed down on Saturday for May Day–it’s celebrated like Labor Day here–and obviously, nothing is open on Sunday here.

Long story short, no computer means no new photo for Sunday’s carte postale, although I took some fabulous shots yesterday.

So I leave you with this, the things you don’t miss until it’s gone: the Apple store and its wonderful employees, sandy beaches (it’s all stones here), ice cubes and Whole Foods turkey-cranberry sandwiches. I hope you are all having a lovely and relaxing first weekend of May!

  • I'm sorry to hear about your laptop, Christine. How frustrating. I hope it recovers soon!

    Have you started your courses yet?

  • camorose

    I'm heading to the computer store today to cause a bit of a ruckus to see if I can't get it back–I'm definitely an impatient American!
    Today starts my second week of classes–they're going well! I'm shocked at how much grammar I've forgotten in the past two years, but things are slowly coming back. After six months, I think there will be a DRAMATIC improvement! Hope your last few weeks at Chico are going well–I absolutely cannot believe it's already May!!!