May 2010

The real world is whatever you make it

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A year ago today, I became an official college graduate. I drank a Bloody Mary at 6 a.m., walked across the stage in a gold glittery cap and accepted a piece of paper that pushed me into the next socioeconomic class. If you had asked me then where I would be today, I would have […]

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The vastly underrated carrot

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It’s entirely possible that Monday was the first day in my 21 (almost 22!) years of existence that I peeled a carrot. I’ve been racking my brain for another carrot peeling experience, and so far, I have nada. Side note: I’m sure my mother will read this and immediately email me eight separate occasions in […]

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Mastering the art of French waiting

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Confession: I hate waiting. I am the girl who is constantly checking her watch, annoyingly tapping her foot, scowling at the person who is holding up the line. I despise being late, wasting time, not having things go my way. It is not my finest quality, and despite years of yoga and zen breathing, I’ve […]

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Coming to you live from Cannes!

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Taking advantage of a four-day weekend–thank you, France, for still pretending to be uber-Catholic when it comes to holidays–I headed to the Cannes Film Festival on Thursday with a few friends from class. Even during the day, Cannes was mobbed with people–celebrities, paparazzi, festival attendees and good old people watchers. I’d been to Cannes in […]

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Quitting is for winners

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I’m a big believer in quitting. To me, if I’m choosing to do something that doesn’t make me happy, then why would I continue? To many, this comes off as spoiled, idealistic or perhaps selfish. I prefer to think of it as proactive. Why stay in a situation and complain when I can do something […]

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The perfect pizza doesn’t need a crust

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Although “Mastering the Art of French Cooking” was a little too intense for my studio kitchen, I was delighted when my mom picked me up a copy of “Julia’s Kitchen Wisdom.” It still has all of Julia’s signature recipes, like boeuf bourguignon and steamed lobsters. However, it also has helpful tips on making the perfect […]

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It’s never too late to start an art movement

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Good news, everyone. It is still totally possible that I could become a world-famous painter and create a style that rocks the art world. OK, maybe not–anyone who has seen my crafting attempts knows that my “style” is just messy. But I was still shocked to learn this weekend that Henri Matisse didn’t pick up […]

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