The pre-marriage bucket list

April 30, 2010 in Life,Philosophy,Travel


A big reason I decided to make the leap and move to Nice was my newly single status. No one to feel guilty about leaving behind, no relationship to maintain while pursuing my own dreams. I was inspired to create a “pre-marriage bucket list” by this “pre-baby bucket list.” And since I’m only 21, I’ve got plenty of time to check off the 30 things to do before you’re 30.

My personal thoughts about marriage aside, I like having goals and deadlines. That being said, my “pre-marriage bucket list” is basically everything I want to accomplish before I have any excuses not to put myself and my dreams first. I’ve already checked canyoning and paragliding off the list, and I’m in the process of completing the first two–but there’s plenty more!


The only problem with these sorts of things is it inspires me to start dreaming big. Real big. It’s hard to be realistic while also incorporating all that I hope to do.

What’s on your bucket list: pre-marriage, pre-baby or pre-dirt nap?

  • camorose

    So true–doing that now!

  • I love this! I married fairly young (had just turned 21) so I never had a pre-marriage checklist or anything, but my husband and I did create a pre-baby bucketlist. Since we’re doing the travel thing too, there aren’t a whole lot of adventurous things on there (well, there is a babymoon which I’m excited about) but mostly practical things, like paying off all of our credit cards.

  • camorose

    Hey, the practical things are JUST as important–and you’ll feel so accomplished and ready for adventure once they’re all checked off 🙂

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  • camorose

    Lady–just found this in my archives. Pretty sure you have checked every one of these off the list!!!

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