April 2010

Paris has gone to the birds

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When I think of markets in Paris, I generally envision fresh fruits, huge rolls of cheese, pastries still warm to the touch. Maybe a few dead chickens hanging in the butcher’s stand. Birds usually don’t cross my mind. However, on my last trip to Paris, my mom and I discovered Marché aux Oiseaux–translated, the bird […]

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Worrying is like a Ferris wheel: you go around without really getting anywhere

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As my departure date inches closer (countdown: three days left in the States), I seem to be hearing the same question over and over again: Are you nervous? Well…no. I’m moving to a beautiful beach for six months. The sun will be shining and I will be tan, without breaking my “no tanning bed” resolution […]

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Quiche: the fancy name for eggs and bacon pie

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Apparently real men don’t eat quiche. Typical. I feel like quiche is completely misunderstood by Americans. We assume that because it’s French (fun fact: it actually originated in Germany), it must be snooty, difficult to cook or not enough to fill you up. However, quiche is pretty delicious (it’s basically eggs and bacon in a […]

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Oh, the places you’ll go!

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I’m a little bit torn about traveling in Europe while I’m in Nice. On one hand, I want to completely immerse myself in the French Riviera and create a life there (read: I have to make limited funds stretch for six months). I want to spend my free time exploring the area around me: Cannes, […]

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A lifelong love affair with France

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Contrary to popular belief, I’m not French. Not a splash of that cheese-loving, surrender-monkey French blood in my body, yet I’m as Francophile as they come. In case you were wondering why this German-Italian-Irish-Polish melting pot shunned her own cultures and embraced France, here’s why.

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Cassis: a seaside gem

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When I was 16 and living in France for the summer, family friends took me for a day in Cassis. We suntanned on high rocks and cliff jumped into the Mediterranean. To me, it was the most beautiful place in the world. As you can probably tell, this is a picture I took on a […]

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Nutella: best served cold

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Nutella becomes an unhealthy obsession for Americans who discover it in Europe while studying abroad or exploring the grocery store. I’m no exception. I was shocked when I stayed with family friends in France and I was allowed to spread Nutella on bread for breakfast–it’s basically like starting your day with dessert! Now I love […]

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