April 2010

The pre-marriage bucket list

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A big reason I decided to make the leap and move to Nice was my newly single status. No one to feel guilty about leaving behind, no relationship to maintain while pursuing my own dreams. I was inspired to create a “pre-marriage bucket list” by this “pre-baby bucket list.” And since I’m only 21, I’ve […]

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The simple life, sans technology

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As I sit staring out my window at the hills rising above the old yellow buildings with faded turquoise shutters, I realize that this perhaps the same view that inspired the paintings of Picasso and Cezanne. I glance down at the tiny café at street level and wonder who has passed through its door throughout […]

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Nice makes me smile with my heart

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I’m positive I was instantly pegged as an American today because of the perma-smile on my face. While the near-perfect weather and brilliant sunshine put everyone in a good mood, I had a few more reasons to be très contente. First of all, I have been reunited with my luggage. I made a little trip […]

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The view from my window

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It’s not hard to wake up smiling with a view like this. Certainly, there are better views in the city: perhaps one that looks out over the Mediterranean, or an open plaza in Old Nice. However, this is a dramatic improvement over the tiny courtyard in my Silicon Valley apartment. I love not having a […]

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And this, my dear, is what they call an adventure

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I have safely, and happily, arrived in Nice. It took about 45 hours in transit, including three planes and four trains, but I made it! My bags, however, are still in Frankfurt. Once my clothes and plug converter arrives, I will have no complaints. Before leaving, I was sure that the ash cloud would affect […]

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Catch you later, California

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For the next 24 hours or so, I’ll be inching my way closer to Nice, France (via Chicago and Frankfurt). I can’t wait to write (and share photos!) when I finally arrive–but keep an eye on my Twitter for updates from the road. Or airport. Whatever. Also, I would like to sincerely thank the Iceland […]

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There’s no place like home

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Leaving home is a bittersweet thing.  I love Northern California: boiling summers in Sacramento, playing the tourist in San Francisco, living down the street from the most famous start-up Internet companies in the world. Yet I’m looking forward to settling down in a city (and country) that was established before interstate highways and cookie-cutter suburban […]

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